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Model Outdoor Learning Environment coming to Glencoe Mill Village


When one hears a phrase like “Model Outdoor Learning Environment” many images spring to mind.  To some it might sound like a glorified playground, while to others it seems a nice place to encourage youngster to become more active and appreciate the great outdoors. Lots 40 and 41 at Glencoe Mill Village will soon be home to a Model Outdoor Learning Environment, giving the community an opportunity to discover firsthand the multi-faceted benefits of a classroom without walls.


The Glencoe Mill Village Outdoor Learning Environment (“OLE”) is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Alamance Partnership for Children. NC State University’s Natural Learning Initiative has designed the innovative space, while Living Landscapes will transform scrub brush into a unique recreation area.  The City of Burlington is enthusiastic in its support. 


Once completed, the OLE will be open to everyone, but is specifically designed for children ages 0 – 5.  Its age appropriate features will integrate all the benefits of outdoor play with learning opportunities that cannot be experienced in a traditional classroom or daycare center.  There will be an heirloom garden, a sensory garden, an adventure path, a log bridge, and much more.  Stayed tuned for updates on the installation of Glencoe Mill Village’s OLE!


NC Now segment on Glencoe Mill Village

Alamance County - Glencoe Mill Village Street - Before Alamance County - Glencoe Mill Village Street 4 - After

About a month ago, NC Now, the UNC-TV program, filmed a segment on the Glencoe Mill village:

The bit about Glencoe starts at 14:35, if you want to cut straight to it.  The segment emphasizes how far the village rehabilitation has come since it was first started by PNC and the adventurous homeowners.  I’ve heard many stories from residents, and the visuals are a powerful reminder of what was.  It was also fun to see our friend, Lynn Pownell, in her new studio too!

Glencoe Photos

The buildings out at Glencoe have inspired some amazing photographs.  Photographer Brad Farlow was kind enough to post this link to his Glencoe photos.  Enjoy!  And if you’ve taken some photos or know someone how has, I hope you will share them with us.

Napper House, Photograph by Brad Farlow

It’s been a long time!

I can’t believe that it’s been nearly three months since I last posted.  Oh my.  We are in the midst of the Cotton Warehouse rehab, and even with a small building like that, it’s been an adventure!  I walked around the building yesterday, inspecting the work that’s been done.  The walls have been framed, spiral duct runs along the exposed roof decking, and pipes and conduit travel along the brick walls.  Next stop: final finishes!