Progress on the Dye House at Glencoe


Lately, Thursdays have meant a weekly visit to our latest preservation project out at Glencoe—The Dye House.  This building has been through the ringer.  When I first visited it, I was told that it had been slated for demo by a previous developer, and I could understand why.  Some sections of wall had completely collapsed, and there were other sections that looked like they could go at any minute.

Dye House before repairDye House before repairDye House, overgrownDye House collapsed wall

When you head into a project like this, it’s best to focus on the building’s strengths instead of getting overwhelmed by anxiety about its weaknesses.   And, truly, it has many strengths–high timber ceilings, tremendous open space, large windows, masonry walls, and a back courtyard area that overlooks the mill race.  I’ve seen herons, beavers, turtles, and even a prothonotary warbler in my visits out there, and the sight of the flowing water never fails to soothe.  Now when we visit, we…

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