Glencoe Mill welcomes Glencoe Studios as new tenant

We welcome Glencoe Studios, LLC to the Machine Shop at Glencoe Mill!  Glencoe Studios was started by weaver and Glencoe Village resident, Lynn Pownell.  Lynn saw the potential for artists in the Machine Shop and developed a plan to offer studio spaces to artists along with a rentable classroom and meeting space.  The Machine Shop is one of the more prominent buildings on the Glencoe Mill campus, sitting apart from the others at the intersection of Glencoe Street and River Road.  In fact, it is one of the first buildings you see as you drive into the village.

This building has come a long way since Hedgehog Holdings first purchased it, and when I visited during the 2012 Alamance Studio Tour, I was struck by the transformation.  The first time I entered the building, it was full of leftover treasures/junk (depending on your point of view).  To get up to the second floor, our group climbed a staircase that was less than two feet wide.  It seemed prudent to have only one person on the stairs at a time.  The second floor was a maze of dark wood shelving, bins, and tables which were full of loose papers, metal scraps, wooden bits, cardboard pieces, machine parts, and miscellaneous mill detritus.  Daunting, but exciting nonetheless.

We cleaned out the building, brought in power, heating and cooling, and plumbing.  We built walls, repaired windows, and refinished floors.  The new stairs are positively spacious compared to the old ones.  I thought I knew the extent to which this building has been transformed.  I was wrong.  Lynn and fellow artists, Sharon Daggers and Joyce Sandoval, installed furniture and art pieces to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that shows off the very best parts of the Machine Shop.  Art and old buildings—the combination is a natural.

We are thrilled to have more creative energy out at Glencoe Mill.  As Glencoe Studios gets up and running, it will be worth a visit.  And if you are looking for a unique location to hold a class, gathering, or meeting, the Machine Shop is a new and exciting option in Burlington.

One response to “Glencoe Mill welcomes Glencoe Studios as new tenant

  1. I first saw Glencoe Mill and the Machine Shop back in 2010. Things sure have come a long way! It looks like a space anyone would want to enjoy and call their own. Great floors! Love the brick! –Ann Linquist, Online Writing Instructor

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