Glencoe Photos

The buildings out at Glencoe have inspired some amazing photographs.  Photographer Brad Farlow was kind enough to post this link to his Glencoe photos.  Enjoy!  And if you’ve taken some photos or know someone how has, I hope you will share them with us.

Napper House, Photograph by Brad Farlow

One response to “Glencoe Photos

  1. “To raise new questions, new problems, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and makes real advances.”
    Thanks to all of those who are making magic things happen in the village. I have the best memories of Glencoe. As a little girl, my grandmother would drive us through the abandoned streets and describe what mill life was like once upon a time. I would vividly imagine the workers/people there and their lifestyle as she spoke.
    Not to long from now, I will become a certified art educator. I am overjoyed at the mere thought of art production in Burlington, and for sentimental reasons of my own there could not be a more appropriate place for this to happen! Hedgehog Properties please know that as a citizen of this county, I deeply appreciate the salvation of what I consider to be a treasure and a part of my childhood. Also, a heartfelt thanks to Jerri Nall for sharing her vision in the very beginning!

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