Yard sale, music, and poetry–sounds good to me!

I continue to receive updates and interesting tidbits, and as always, I’m happy to share them.

First, if you like yard sales, make note:  On April 4, 2009, 10:00 a.m., the Textile Heritage Museum and various Glencoe Village homeowners will be having a big yard sale!  We may also jump in and pull some things out of the Mill buildings and set up our own tables to help out with the Museum fundraiser.

Second, if you like bluegrass music, head out to Glencoe this Saturday, March 21, 2pm-6pm, for the Front Porch Pickin’.  If you miss it this month, don’t worry!  Folks gather every third Saturday of the month.

Finally, Frank forwarded this month’s poem from the Piedmont Laureate and suggested that it might be a nice to share it on our blog.  The Piedmont Laureate Program is new this year and is a collaborative effort by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission, the Durham Arts Council, the Orange County Arts Commission and United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County.

i go into rooms with rumi

by Jaki Shelton Green

i wear new faces into rooms
i’ve never gone into before; faces
stitched by hands of grandmothers
whose skin is clay
whose clan is wind
awakening from earth’s sleep

i wear new faces into a
pitch of circles
a sky of dervishes
a dance of holy

i sit with river tears
that have stained the throats of elders
burned the soles of
wandering infants
and laced the tea of thirsty virgins

i sit with the wide leaves of palm trees
leaves hurled from the recesses
of their color, their markings
i wear new faces into rooms
where i’ve never gone before

i wear new faces
crawling into southern veins
screaming veins
owing into southern creeks
along side rail tracks choking with wisteria
tracks that refuse
to give back black bones
to black mothers
whose sons’ skin is now the fabric of steel

we wash kinky babies in dew drops
gathered in secret
muscadine smells
send trails of rapture and salvation
into woods
full of hushed song
juneteenth hugging and dancing
reclaim bootlegging warriors
reclaim hootchie kootchie damsels
straightening their backs
while stretching their legs
clad with red fox
primrose pomade
starched mouths
rinsing out red clay stains
for a baptism that will not cleanse

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