Elon students bring big ideas

I mentioned a while back that Frank and I had the pleasure of hearing presentations given by Elon University students about feasible uses for Glencoe Mill.  It was a good night, and the students’ enthusiasm was infectious.  We brainstormed and chatted about their ideas and other all the way back to Raleigh.  Those are always fun nights!

Dr. Janet MacFall was kind enough to send us the reports that the students generated, and I thought it might be fun to share some of the highlights here.  Four groups presented that night, and three of these groups focused specifically on a possible use for one of the Glencoe Mill buildings.  The fourth group presented a study they had completed on floatables caught up at the dam.  They discovered that much of the trash in the Haw River at Glencoe has traveled downstream from the Greensboro area.  Next time we do a Haw River clean-up, I’m tempted to drive that garbage right back over there.  But I digress…

Group 1: Claire Campbell, Bennett Hart, Colleen Higgins, Alicia Krawczak, Kyle Pelligra, Ashley Steele

“Glencoe’s Main Mill Building Proposal”

This group conducted a Needs Assesment for the area and concluded that, in the area around Glencoe Mill, a market exists for rental units, a fitness center, and a community market.  They suggest that these facilities could be housed in the Main Mill and Mill Addition comfortably, and that these uses, both private and public would fit quite well together and would be amenities for the surrounding community as well.

Group 2: Christina Orangio, Evan Ross, Margaret Zimmerman, Katherine Lee, Breanna Detwiler, and Rachael Rider

“Establishing an Environmental Education Center at Glencoe”

This group conducted a needs assesment for the area and concluded that Alamance County is in need for an environmental education center (EEC), having none, and that Glencoe Mill would provide an appropriate and exciting location.  The creation of an EEC would benefit the surrounding community and the local school systems.  Glencoe Mill, they found, would be a good location due to its proximity to the Haw River and Great Bend Park, its distinctive history, its designation as a Brownfields site, and its hydroelectric plant.

Group 3: Diana Ennis, Chris Farnsworth, Jim Frisch, Emily Henderson, Chris Miller, Rebecca von dem Hagen

“Proposal for the Glencoe Art Factory”

This group proposed The Glencoe Art Factory, an artist collaborative housed in the Napper House with rentable studio spaces, shared gallery space, and a classroom area.  They looked at several different examples of artist collaboratives (like Pottery Northwest, Lyndson Street Art Works, and Golden Belt Arts), surveyed local artists, and studied the importance of art in local communities.  They concluded that the creation of a Glencoe Art Factory would “provide a centralized hub for artists across the area to meet and work and by doing so advanc[e] their profession, thus strengthening Alamance County.”

As you can see, these are all exciting ideas, and we’d love to hear what you think about them.  If you’d like, share your comments below and read what others are thinking!

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