Have you bought your ticket?

In all the excitement over the last couple of weeks, I forgot to mention the amazing Glencoe Quilt that is being raffled off by the Textile Heritage Museum.

Glencoe quilt hanging at the Museum

Sue Mason, one of the Village homeowners, came up with the idea of a Glencoe village quilting effort with members of the Glencoe community contributing quilt squares depicting their homes or other Glencoe buildings. Lynn Pownell, another Village homeowner, explained to me that a number of methods were used including piecing, appliqué, and embroidery. People created one or more squares – some people did many. All the houses and buildings on Glencoe Street are represented plus other unique squares including the Main Mill bldg, the dam, and the church, which no longer stands.

Old Village Store 317 Glencoe Street Abandoned House on Glencoe Street Abram House Glencoe Dam

Several people put many many additional hours into the construction of the final piece of work. The names of all the contributors are listed on the back (Sue Mason, Lynn Abram, Elisabeth Allore, Kathy Barry, Sharon Daggers, Roger Dill, Ann Hobgood, JoAnn Martin, Lynn Pownell, Sandy Sprague, and Deby Thompson), and original Glencoe Mill fabrics were used on parts of this quilt.  The small plaid squares connecting the blocks are Holt plaids made at Glencoe, and the backing of the quilt was made at Glencoe as well.  I have seen the quilt, and it is truly a Glencoe treasure.

Tickets can be purchased at the museum or at Nall Printing, 1403 E. Webb Ave. for $5.00 each or 5 tickets/$20.00.

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