This and that

First, our big news – on Tuesday night, we went before the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission and applied for a Certificate of Appropriateness for our work on Phase 1.  Phase 1 will include some landscaping, work on the Cotton Warehouse, Machine Shop, and the Cotton Sheds. 

Conceptual drawing for Phase 1

We saw lots of familiar faces, people who had come out to support and comment on our plans.  The Commission approved our application, and now we’re able to get our plans together for permitting.  I’m so excited.  Before I move on to other news, I just want to say thank you to the Commission members and the City staff.  The Commission members worked very hard with us, helping us with questions and suggestions.  And what would we have done without Daniel Shoffner and Bob Harkrader over at the Planning department?  We are truly lucky in our friends in Burlington and at Glencoe.

Now for some of the “this.”  I just had to take this opportunity to say “WOW!” about the Glencoe Christmas Tour.  Dave and I went out on Sunday this past weekend, and it was wonderful.  We were inspired by the decorations and the incredible things people have done with their homes and couldn’t help hatching new plans for our own home based on what we saw.  When I visit the Village, the creativity and energy of the homeowners always gives me a boost.  The TimesNews ran a story and made a video about the tour (thanks for the tip, Ann!).  Someday I’ll learn to be a super computer genius and embed the video, but today is not that day! 

Now for some of the “that.”  Yesterday, Frank and I attended student presentations at Elon.  We were so impressed Janet MacFall’s students.  They had very interesting and exciting ideas and their presentations and research were quite compelling.  Janet has promised to send along their reports and presentations, so I might be able to post some of the information here.  Stay tuned!

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