Alamance County Seahorses

On Monday, I was driving to Burlington to attend the P&Z Commission meeting (we received a favorable recommendation, by the way), and once again, I noticed matching decorative seahorses hanging on a handful of houses.

Over the past two years, in my many trips to Glencoe and drives around Alamance County, I’ve noticed these seahorses. It amazes me how many houses have seahorses hanging on them! I’ve never seen these in or around the Raleigh area or anywhere on my drives to western NC, so I’ve often wondered if it’s an Alamance County thing.  Although, I must admit that I saw a pair hanging on a house just over the Alamance County line one day. A few people have told me that these little seahorses are abundant in Eastern NC, and I’ll have to take their word for it because I’m not often over that way.

Sometimes the seahorses are white, sometimes they are painted other colors — I’ve seen red, black, yellow, and green.

In one particular Burlington neighborhood, almost every other house has a pair of these seahorses on display. My absolute favorite, however, was the day I looked over and saw this house with five seahorses! I decided that the grand master of the Royal Order of the Seahorses (ROS to those of us in the “know”) must live here.

Spotting these seahorses has become one of my favorite games on my many drives, and I’d appreciate it if anyone could tell me something about them! I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with Glencoe, but I get such a kick out of these little seahorses.  Anyone know anything?

3 responses to “Alamance County Seahorses

  1. These seahorses are all over eastern NC. I have seen them for years, as my kin is from that area. They’re awesome, aren’t they? If you ever see them for sale, pick up a set for me.

  2. My husband and I have noticed these all over the place in northern Alamance county, in addition to several homes adorned with them in Caswell county. We also wondered the significance of the sea horses – do post about it if you ever find out!

  3. I still haven’t figured out what these are yet! One of these days, I’m going to stop and ask one of the homeowners if they have any significance. Have you noticed that they only seem to appear on brick houses?

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