Rezoning the Glencoe Mill buildings

A little over a week ago, we submitted a rezoning application to the City of Burlington for our 6+ acres out at Glencoe.  Currently, some of the mill buildings are zoned Office-Institutional (O-I), the Machine Shop is zoned General Business (B-2), and some of the property is zoned residential (R-9).  We’ve been working with the Planning Department staff closely (they’ve been wonderfully helpful!), talking about whether the current zoning meets our needs, and we all came to the conclusion that it does not.  We’re very interested in fostering a creative community out at Glencoe, and we hope to offer space to more artists like Steve Cote, our metal sculptor tenant, and more companies like Prop Tarts, a set/prop house located in the Main Mill basement.

In order to accommodate these uses and others, the City has suggested that we rezone our property to Light Industrial (I-2) with a residential component.  This will allow for uses such as office, artist studios, retail, residential, childcare facilities, the hydroelectric plant, and community and public facilities.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, open to the public, is on Monday, October 27, 2008, at 7:00 p.m., in the City Council Chambers in City Municipal Building.  At this meeting the P&Z Commission will vote on their recommendation to the City Council.  Part of our application is a preliminary site plan, which we are making available here.

Glencoe Mill preliminary site plan for rezoning application

We would welcome all comments and questions.  You can respond, comment, and discuss here on the blog, or you can send questions to me, Carrie, at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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