If you’re out near Pittsboro, check out The City Tap!

We’re lucky enough to have Steve Cote, a metal sculptor, as a tenant in the Napper House out at Glencoe. He’s in one of my favorite spaces, overlooking the Mill Race. The windows in his studio are 6′ wide and 12′ high! You can’t help but get excited when you walk in and see Steve’s work against the back drop of the view outside, especially when you remember what it looked like before.

Isn’t it wonderful what some art and some light will do for a space?

Steve’s recently opened a bar in Pittsboro called The City Tap, and Dave and I stopped in on our way back from Glencoe one Saturday. A lot of Steve’s work is featured in the bar, and there’s an outside seating area that is just perfect for a fall night.

Steve had a real treat for us when we came — Hofmann hot dogs. Dave’s from Syracuse, NY, and whenever we go to visit, his family feeds me Hofmann hot dogs because they know how much I love them. Upon meeting, Steve and I quickly discovered our mutual love for Hofmann dogs, and Steve had some for us when we visited! Steve, if you read this, thank you so much!

The City Tap also has a great selection of local brews, and bands play there on Friday and Saturday nights. The good food and drink and great atmosphere had me wishing we lived closer so we could make it our local hangout. So that’s why I’m telling you, if you’re in or around Pittsboro, stop by the City Tap!

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