Kicking off Textile Heritage Week!

On Saturday, Dave, my fiance, and I made our way to Glencoe for the Textile Heritage Week festivities. The weather was just right — sunny and not too hot. We were pleased to see that many other families had come to Glencoe to enjoy the activities in the Village. Musicians were out in force for Front Porch Pick’n, and by the time Dave and I left, there were two bands playing on porches on either side of Glencoe Street. I saw a couple groups setting up, getting ready to jump in. What a scene! There were people sitting out in the yard, and in rocking chairs on porches listening and talking. I couldn’t help thinking that, at least in spirit, this must have been how Glencoe mill workers spent some finer fall days.

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Front Porch Pick'n
Front Porch Pick’n

More Front Porch Pick'n

More Front Porch Pick'n

We walked up to Rockworth Studio to watch Lynn Pownell’s weaving demonstration. I have to admit that I covet her studio space. Her mill house had a detached kitchen, and she’s converted this old building into a weaving studio. You can see why I’m jealous!

Dave and I arrived while another family was in talking to Lynn, and a young girl was seated at one of Lynn’s smaller looms working away on a banner. When it was my turn, Lynn showed me how to work the treadles, how to pull the shuttle through without pulling it too tight. My favorite part was working the beater, packing the piece I had just pulled through down tight against the already woven fabric. I’m a total fabric hound, so it was just lovely to be surrounded by all of Lynn’s materials. I spotted baskets of yarn and strips of material that I wanted to pull out, feel, and match up with other yarns or fabrics. Really, Lynn’s lucky that Dave and I left when we did because I could have made a total mess of her studio if given half a chance!

Lynn Pownell teaches me how to work the loom

Lynn Pownell teaches me how to work the loom

We also made it in to see the new exhibit at the Textile Heritage Museum. The Museum is always worth a visit, and we had a good time looking through some of the old Mill documents and ledger books. The Museum has extended hours this week, so if you get the chance, stop by!

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